Tom Savastano has helped us in the past and he is extremely professional and hard working. I recommend him to all I know. He goes above and beyond to service his clients effectively.

Beth Whittinghill

Tom has done my loan 2 times now and has done a great job every time.

Michael Gottschalk

Tom Savastano and his staff did an excellent job.

Ryan Cox

Refinanced 2x, excellent experiences in both cases. For once, I felt like someone actually cared about helping me get a better rate, lowered mortgage payments. The banks are about the bottom line, they could care less who I am. Most of them weren't even willing to help us get a lower rate. Their loss.


great experience...quick and clear cut...ross was very easy to work with and answered all of my questions with ease....I've used hlp more than once and have always been very pleased!

Sarah Karpinski

After experiencing a few different mortgage companies I can unequivocally say Ross is the very best at what he does and provides top notch customer service!

Philip Kopesdy

Ross Tornabene was excellent. The application and pre approval process went smoothly and I closed on my home at the expected time. I have worked with Ross when purchasing my home and again when I refinanced this year. I was able to get a great interest rate and am extremely happy with Ross and his team. Would recommend HLP mortgage to anyone looking to buy or refinance.

Nina Coggiola

Ross made it so easy. He was great. thanks for all your help!

Janell Konior

Ross has helped me get a Loan now twice and just when you think you will never be able to get a loan Ross does the incredible and always comes through. He has never let me down and always telling me dont worry that he will always find a way to help

Gus Korolis

Ross went out of his way to help me refinance. He worked for hard on my behalf and I highly recommend him

Chris Panio

I gave Ross excellent across the board. He got the job done when no one else did.

Brian Brecheisen

Tom Savistano was great. Very knowledgeable. Very fast. The whole process was totally smooth and painless. I'd definitely recommend Tom and HLP.

Joesph Catalano

Very friendly experience

Steve Tolzien

Tom and his staff did an excellent job. I've been using him for years.

Maryann Barin

My experience with HLP mortgage was a very positive one. While working with Tom, I was able to get rid of my PMI, lower my interest rate, and take cash out. I was also able to reduce my term, which saved me 3 years of mortgage payments all while keeping my mortgage payments the same. The best part is- this was all done without charging any closing costs! Tom and his team were very helpful and knowledgeable when answering my questions and the whole process from start to finish was ran efficiently. I would highly recommend Tom and the rest of the HLP mortgage team.

Alicia Rivera

Excellent professional service performed in a timely manner.

Tijuana Gomez

Very easy refinance, very friendly & we got more than we asked for, Thanks again

Theresa Woike

A seamless transaction from start to finish.

Sean Roche

Our broker Tom Savastano did an outstanding job getting us a great rate, but also was there with us 100% throughout the entire refinance.

Jim Neeson

Tom Savastano and Denise DeYoung are true professionals-very knowledgeable and courteous.

Frederick Scott

Tom was fun and very easy to work with. He explained everything I needed him to, even if he had to explain two or three times! He was patient and understanding. He came to the house to meet us and we had a better idea of who we were working with and gave us confidence with our Refinance! Our refinance was a great decision and has been an easy process! Thanks!

Elizabeth Hoyner-Lopez

Process was easy and I would definitely use Tom & HLP Mortgage again.

Kyle Glavan

I have refi with Tom many times - he is great and makes the entire process very easy.

Amy Smid

Tom understood what we needed and delivered!

Amy Depinto

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