About Us

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Founded in 2014, HLP Mortgage opened its doors to the Illinois community. We are a privately owned company and a full-service mortgage banker. Our focus is to better the community with the services we provide by offering low interest rates and an unequaled customer service experience.

Customer service is a lost art form, a trade that has gone to the wayside.  Simply put, at HLP Mortgage your calls won’t go unanswered.  Good news or bad, you deserve answers and that is something you can expect working with us.  We appreciate your business and you will always be our number one priority.  You should expect nothing less. 

At HLP, we offer a range of mortgage products for both purchase and refinance business. FHA, Conventional Financing, VA, Jumbo, other specific purchase incentivized programs and HARP consume most of these. 

As an emerging leader in the mortgage community, we are already anticipating changes as they come. We see the importance of social media, giving back to our community and creating a workplace that enables our team to reach their career goals. 

As a promise to our customers and business professionals, we will remain honest, straight forward and dedicated to staying in touch with the ever changing mortgage world. Gone are the days of the quick fix mortgage.  In the present economy, qualifying for a refinance or buying a home can pose a challenge for even the most experienced loan officer. Were up for that challenge.  With 10 years of experience in the mortgage banking world, we know what to expect and know how to hit a deadline.  That’s something you can expect from HLP Mortgage.